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Our mission is to
advance energy storage by accelerating
your research.

Become the game changer

A new way
of research

The three partners Lukas Lutz, Daniel Alves Dalla Corte and Luca Scherrer combine different backgrounds in research, industry and business strategy and analytics.

At SPHERE, we believe there is a more efficient way to do research. We want researchers to focus on their core skill - designing experiments and not wasting time with the often painful execution. Coming from research ourselves, we are passionate about improving the the researchers daily experience in the laboratory. Therefore we made it to our mission to develop equipment that combines user-friendliness with innovative ways of accessing new data about your reactions.

Become the game changer

The team

Lukas Lutz


Lukas developed his background in Physical-chemistry during studies at ETH Zürich, UC Berkeley and Oxford.In 2017 Lukas finished his PhD in energy storage technologies.


Daniel Alves Dalla Corte


Holding a PhD in Chemistry, Dani has large experience in R&D projects on batteries and has worked in different research groups including Ecole Polytechnique, MIT, Total and College de France.


Luca Scherrer


Luca has studied Chemistry and Business studies. After gathering work experience in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry Luca moved to management consulting.


Joshua Strub


Sales & marketing manager.


Nishanth Srinivasa


Business process analyst.

The Team

Our partners

Jean Marie Tarascon


Jean-Marie is the Mentor of the startup. He is one of the most renowned opinion maker in the field of energy storage and is supporting Sphere in every respect.


Energy research network

RS2E s a French research and technology transfer network devoted to energy storage devices. The network funded the prototype phase of Sphere and is a very important partner in testing the prototypes of the startup.

Marc Comer

Non-executive board member

Marc is a seasoned Digital Marketing & Strategy Executive. His guidance and advice helps us in continuously improving our business model and strategy. Additionally, Marc's input as a Digital Marketing professional is substantially shaping our marketing and communication strategy.


Startup network and financial support

Sphere Energy could fascinate a renowned startup jury The Climate-KIC Accelerator Programme is the world’s first real-life business school for early stage cleantech startups. We get great education, intensive coaching, substantial financial support and access to an extensive international network.


Access to expertise knowledge and financial support

Being part of the Pépite platform, a French network of young enterpreneurs, broadens the social network of Sphere and enables new opportunities.