Product launch at the biannual RS2E meeting

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Successful product launch

Over 120 of the most renowned scientists and professionals in energy research gathered on the 20. March to discuss the latest innovations in battery technology at the biannual RS2E meeting. Sphere is a proud member of the RS2E, a French research and technology network devoted to energy storage device. And to celebrate our successful collaboration we officially launched our products during the 2 day meeting!

We are very excited about Sphere’s products. Their innovative tools will help the energy research sector to define standards for electrochemical measurements!

The FLC and UVC are available on our website

We presented the key features of the FLC and the UVC, which are now officially available to be purchased through our website. Additionally, we demonstrated the value of our new products the EQCM and ASC, which will be available for our customers in a few months. Stay tuned!

The tools Sphere develops allows my research group to do better and faster experiments and to eventually publish more innovative papers!