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Exploit the potential of your all solid-state battery

All solid-state batteries are a promising technology, leading to unprecedented levels of energy density and safety. However, research with these innovative battery systems requires a new approach for testing equipment. We at Sphere have developed the ASC – to enable this crucial research in your lab ensuring best results four your experiments.

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Precise adjustment of the stacking pressure

Our ASC setup enables precise, long term control and monitoring of the mechanical pressure, applied to your battery materials. The simple screw adjustment system, which is infinitely adjustable, makes it also easy to build up dense All Solid-State Batteries, layer by layer.


Accurate temperature control

The ASC measures the temperature where it is critical – close to the tested materials. This enables an accurate temperature monitoring and adjustment for true results. With heating up to 200°C (inside of the cell) you can densify your materials and understand the impact of temperature and density on your measurements.

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Compatible containers

Nobody wants contamination. Therefore everything that is in contact with the tested materials, the hardened INOX plungers as well as the PEEK sleeves can be exchanged when needed.

Strong, but small dimensions

Space is always rare – especially in your glovebox. That’s why we designed the ASC as small and as strong as possible. With the ergonomic shape of our frame, the ASC can withstand mechanical pressures up to 4 tons/cm2.

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Ultimate control

The stacking pressure can be monitored lived during your experiment and logged via the control box delivered with the cell. Additionally, the applied temperature can be controled through the same box.