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At SPHERE we believe that more efficient energy storage is key to a sustainable and green future. Science and innovation will lead the way, and we are here to provide them with the equipment to drive innovation.

Become the game changer

testing devices

We have been working together with leading scientist in the field of energy storage to develop tools to accelerate innovative R&D. Our solutions cover test equipment for a wide range of energy storage systems such as batteries, supercaps and catalyst materials.

Insufficient battery technologies

A new
to research

At SPHERE we provide solutions for electrochemical measurements offering three key advantages:

More information

More information

Access and control over multiple parameters in one cell

Improved research quality

Improved research quality

Improved reliability and reproducibility

Faciliated testing

User-friendly design

Effort and complexity reduction - designed to perform

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Energy storage & conversion

Energy storage &

Solutions for high performance testing of battery materials, supercapacitors and other electrochemical systems. Get more insight into the electrochemistry behind your energy storage technologies.

Flow Systems


Double compartment cell for the study of energy storage materials, catalysts or ion conducting membranes. Combine your components and test your systems with highest efficiency and accuracy.

Spectroelectrochemistry and Photochemistry

and Photochemistry

In-situ monitoring of electrochemical and biological processes by UV-Vis. Perform your spectrochemical measurements under hermetic conditions for clean information about energy storage and catalysis processes.